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Game-Changing IT Talent Acquisition Professionals

The Denver IT talent acquisition marketplace is competitive. You need an edge. Tek-Talent Corporation is a 12-year established local, technical staffing leader. Our average team member has more than 18 years of experience and a solid portfolio of established high-level IT relationships.

Why Choose Tek-Talent Corporation

  • We help you define your ideal candidate criteria with laser precision.
  • We have search methodologies that are unique, refined and time-tested...light years beyond the routine Monster search
  • We have professional, local IT relationships that give you an edge in finding the best candidates that may not necessarily be actively looking for a new gig...but are definitely open to the right opportunity.
  • We provide both speed and agility in accessing, sourcing, screening, modifying search criteria (if necessary) and delivering your precise candidate matches.
  • We are masters at precise technical screenings for maximum efficiencies.
  • You have full access to our HR/IT industry knowledge and expertise as well as guidance on leading-edge hiring and technology trends, local market intelligence and salary data.

We have the relationships, the experience, and the proven processes to help you quickly source and hire game-changing talent. We look forward to being the secret weapon that helps your organization thrive!

Call us now at 303-859-2010 or send a direct-priority email to info@tek-talent.com. We guarantee it will be your best IT hiring process improvement decision this year!

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